MEETING TRENDS – All Workshop and No Play? No Way!

As a Keynote and Motivational Speaker who also does Workshop Training, I’ve found that some humor keeps an audience from yawning. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Humor at a workshop? Isn’t that a little unprofessional?” But hear me out. A little bit of humor can go a long way in engaging your team and making the workshop experience more memorable. Plus, it’s a great way to break the ice and get everyone comfortable. Of course, there’s a fine line between funny and inappropriate. You don’t want your trainer making jokes about your company’s HR policies or your boss’s hairline. But with the right trainer, you can find that perfect balance between humor and professionalism.

Hosting a workshop with a professional trainer can be a terrific way to unlock your team’s full potential. But let’s be honest; not all trainers or keynote speakers are created equal. You don’t want someone who’s just going to read off a PowerPoint and bore your team to tears. You want someone who will bring some pizzazz, some passion, and maybe even a little humor.

Workshops are an integral part of organizational success. They allow teams to learn new skills, exchange ideas, and work collaboratively to achieve common goals. However, the success of a workshop is highly dependent on the facilitator’s expertise. While internal experts may deeply understand the company policies and processes, they will also be limited by this knowledge as their inside-the-box perspective. For example, internal experts will have biases that can prevent them from being objective in their approach, naturally preventing them from seeing opportunities for innovation and growth. Additionally, internal experts may have limited skill sets, making delivering the workshop experience needed to achieve the desired outcomes challenging. It’s like the old analogy, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Hiring an outside expert to conduct your workshop can bring many benefits that internal experts may not be able to provide. Firstly, outside experts bring fresh perspectives and new ideas. They can challenge assumptions and push for innovation, and outside experts can provide specialized knowledge and skills that may not exist within your organization. There is no telling what these revelations can realize, especially regarding niche topics or when you are looking to develop new skills not currently present within your team.

Another benefit of hiring an outside expert is that they can bring an objective perspective. They generally have significant experience in areas with transferable insight, making it easier to identify improvement areas and provide constructive feedback. What can be realized by a fresh perspective can be especially valuable regarding team dynamics, communication, and leadership development.

Finding the right outside expert for your workshop is crucial to its success. Consider if the presenter has experienced success in the real world or if their only experience on the subject is that they have talked about it. You want someone who has lived the reality of what they speak. For example, if you’re hiring someone to speak on HR issues and they have never hired anyone, that’s a problem. Sometimes hearing a message delivered in a manner and from a new voice can make all the difference.


So, if you’re looking to host a workshop your team will enjoy, don’t be afraid to add some humor to the mix. Hiring an outside expert to conduct your workshop can bring many benefits that internal experts may not be able to provide. From fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to specialized knowledge and skills, outside experts can help your team unlock its full potential. When selecting an outside expert, it is essential to consider their demonstrated expertise in the workshop topic, positive reviews, and testimonials, and of course, compatibility with your company’s culture and values. Finding the right expert ensures your workshop succeeds and your team achieves its desired outcomes.


Wes Berry is a Keynote Speaker and Workshop facilitator with the professional skills and real-life experience to deliver on any stage. He is a TEDx Speaker and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author; he has written twelve books in the business and success genres. As an entrepreneur, he built a $750 million international company that operated in 130 countries. Wes has even done some standup comedy as well as radio and television.

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