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30-Second Speaker Introduction

Wes Berry works with Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson to businesses and associations of all sizes seeking to achieve a breakthrough experience. He has the professional skills and real-life experience to deliver on any stage. Wes is a TEDx Speaker and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author; he has written twelve books in the business and success genres. As an entrepreneur, he built a $750 million company. Wes has even done some standup comedy as well as radio and television. Even his mother says he has a face for radio.

Technical Requirements

Video, audio, and internet will be required for the PowerPoint presentation. You can choose to deliver it through our thumb drive or laptop. A remote clicker will be needed if you opt for the thumb drive. However, a podium will be necessary if your facility requires a laptop. Delivery through our laptop on a podium is preferred.

A Lavalier mic is preferred if a microphone best serves the room, although not required.

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