Reviews and Testimonials

“Wes Berry is an engaging keynote speaker who is not content with merely inspiring an audience. His real-life examples ensure a memorable and actionable experience. In addition to being a raconteur extraordinaire, Wes’s messages deliver a takeaway that can change how people think, act and live.” 

– Ed Fisher, General Counsel & COO, Acumax

“Hey, Wes, You have done something amazing… first place in the New York Book Festival. I love your new book, Big Things Have Small Beginnings, which focuses on being the catalyst that delivers success. I love everything about it. And you also made the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. How cool is that? Wes, keep up the great work. Take care my friend.” 

– Kevin O’Leary, Star of Shark Tank

“I enjoyed your keynote speaker presentation at the Business Leadership Conference. It was interesting how you presented ‘The Ritz Experience’ to guide a business to success. I had no idea that the origin of ‘the customer is never wrong’ could be traced to Cesar Ritz.” 

– Ryan Toll, Senior Director of Sales, Acosta

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