Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who will bring the WOW to your event? You are about to discover a speaker who will fulfill all of your needs.  Wes Berry is a transformative & professional motivational speaker who will positively influence your organization. He will make a meaningful impression by delivering complex insights through simple lessons that resonate with successful outcomes. If you want a life-changing transformative speaker that will leave your attendees talking for years to come about your event, you want Wes Berry.

He built an international business with sales of over 750 MILLION DOLLARS, which operated in 130 countries worldwide.

WSJ & USA TODAY bestselling author

Wes is also the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY best-selling author of the book Big Things Have Small Beginnings, which focuses primarily on motivation and inspiration and is the first volume in his Motivational, Leadership, and Business Series.  His second volume is Success Factors, covers nine multi-million-dollar concepts that will work for everyone. The third book in his series, Master the Metaverse, looks at WEB 3.0, Crypto, NFTs, and all things Meta. These books are available on Amazon and at booksellers everywhere. He recently completed Hollywood’s Best Jokes, which is full of laugh-out-loud jokes, one-liners, and all things funny; it is currently in the editing process and will be released in the Fall of 2022.

With Wes, you get a transformative speaker who has experienced more than his share of setbacks and successes. That’s how truly successful people roll. Without risk, the reward is without meaning. Only by daring to roll the dice is success possible. Don’t get this wrong. It would help if you took the easy wins too, and no one should be reckless, but it sure is true that you learn more from setbacks than easy wins. And if you want to grow and reach greater heights, you must keep learning, and Wes is the speaker that can help move you and your team forward.

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Mom Always Said I Had a Face for Radio

Although Big Things Have Small Beginnings has long been Wes’s hallmark presentation, The Interview is uniquely engaging and an experience Wes is especially adept at due to his years in radio broadcasting. Wes can create a customized presentation featuring a live on-stage interview of a key individual or award winner within your organization or, if you want to have fun, maybe their significant other. This is a perfect construct for launching a new initiative. Your audience will develop a WOW appreciation for the value of teamwork and the necessity of teambuilding. They will also receive a healthy dose of motivation and a greater appreciation of the importance of synergy. For more information and a sample recording of a similar interview, click on The Interview.

Format: This presentation is available as a Keynote or an executive briefing; and makes an excellent live, virtual, or hybrid event.

Takeaway:  This program is focused on Teamwork, Teambuilding, and Motivation. Participants will have an increased value of the synergistic qualities of effective teams. Each individual will have actionable items that will enhance the quality of the team. This program is always fun for everyone involved.


The Motivation and Mindset that Built a $750 Million Business

A telling account of how with a bold and a positive outlook, Wes propelled this family’s small, failing, Detroit-based flower shop into an international business operating in 130 countries with over 750 MILLION DOLLARS in sales. He shares what he has learned about attaining success, taken from his international best-selling book Big Things Have Small Beginnings. This presentation is inspirational and motivating, a story of leadership and success. And WOW, your attendees will better understand the motivating power of positive thinking and employ it masterfully. For more information on this Keynote, click on Big Things Have Small Beginnings.

Format: This program is presented as a one-day workshop, Keynote, or executive-type briefing. It is best suited for a live or hybrid event.

Takeaway: This program’s concentration is on Leadership, Motivation, and Inspiration; participants will benefit from actionable techniques that will enhance performance in all three of these areas. As with all these programs, everyone will have a laugh or two. An optional copy of the bestseller Big Things Have Small Beginnings by Wes Berry is the perfect complement for this program. 


Million Dollar Concepts that Work for Everyone

This presentation is the outgrowth of Wes’s well-researched book of the same name and concentrated on nine factors. When fully embraced, they will deliver success to any enterprise or individual.  Attendees are encouraged to perform short a personal evaluation of nine key Success Factors, identifying areas of strength and those needing improvement. During the presentation, these areas are addressed, and WOW reveals life-changing improvement opportunities. Click on Success Factors for a brief glimpse into the content used in these presentations.

Format: This program can be delivered as a workshop over one day, two days, or three days. The Keynote can be delivered as an executive-type brief, and can cover all Success Factors or focus on one or more individual Factors. All formats are suited for a live or hybrid event.

Takeaway:  The outline of this program in its most complete form covers Motivation, Mindset, Leadership, Growth, Teamwork, Integrity, Core Competency, Diversity, and Change. Attendees will also receive actionable steps to enhance those areas in need of strengthening. An optional copy of the bestseller Success Factors by Wes Berry is the perfect complement for this program.


Multi Million Dollar Investment Opportunities, Crypto, NFT’s and More

The Metaverse, or as some call it, the new internet, is the next WOW moment for the digital revolution.  Technology has always played a significant role in creating innovative industries and driving new economies. This keynote presentation derives from Wes’s book The Metaverse Revolution, published in May of 2022.  The Metaverse is the latest revelation in the digital space that tech companies are racing to develop. It is a realm of virtual reality (VR) that will change how we view and live in the physical world. A few volunteers will have an opportunity to experience what the Metaverse will be like via a Meta Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Headset. For more information, click on Master the Metaverse.

Format: This topic is available as a keynote, executive briefing, or a one-day workshop. It is suited for a live or hybrid event

Takeaway: Participants will receive a futuristic look at this emerging technology. They will take away an enhanced understanding of the most critical evolutionary changes society and commerce will experience in five to ten years. This competitive advantage will place them in a position to benefit greatly. An optional copy of the bestseller Master the Metaverse by Wes Berry is the perfect complement for this program.


Wes built a significant international business with sales of over 750 MILLION DOLLARS that operated in 130 countries worldwide. He is also the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY best-selling author of the book Big Things Have Small Beginnings, part of his Business and Leadership Series.

Wes is a veteran Keynote Speaker and broadcaster with over 30 years of experience; however, Wes Berry is much more than that. He has been on the front lines of business as someone who took a small failing flower shop and built a substantial international company. He has also served on the Boards of an Educational Foundation, Community Youth Assistance, and Henry Ford Hospital. Berry currently serves on the Board of Trustees for a nine-figure Foundation. His many honors include the NAACP’s business person of the year.

He’s an exciting, Motivational Speaker and an excellent addition to any conference, industry trade show, or annual event. His extensive business, motivational, and community service acumen has made him an expert for many venues, including appearances on several talk shows. His many media appearances include NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Entrepreneur and Time magazines, Fox News, Neil Cavuto, Geraldo Rivera, and John Stossel, to name just a few.

His friendly, engaging, and humorous style makes him an outstanding keynote speaker, presenter, emcee, or facilitator. Let him know your goals, and he’ll custom tailor his presentation to deliver the WOW.

Married for 30+ years, he has four adult sons and spends his leisure time, either with his English Bulldog or golfing.

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