Chill (Sanguine)

In Summation…

Sanguine types are giddy, openly emotional, social, and exuberant beings who love spending time with others.

They are curious, creative, and spontaneous people that are capable of talking with new people as if they’re lifelong friends.

They are Social

Sanguine people enjoy social interactions with both familiar and unfamiliar faces, almost always finding these experiences to be revitalizing. Unlike melancholic people, sanguines recharge by spending time with others, and when they spend time alone, they can become bored rather quickly.

When it comes to people, the more they can surround themselves with the better. Additionally, they aren’t particularly choosy about who they spend time with. While they truly enjoy the company of others, it isn’t always due to the company itself. Instead, they enjoy the attention they’re getting and the fact that they aren’t alone. They also enjoy talking more than they enjoy listening.

When they consider someone to be boring, they’re likely to distance themselves from that individual because they are always looking for a good time. Their fun-loving, extroverted personalities don’t mesh well with laid-back individuals. They enjoy wild nights on the town.

Sanguines form friendships fast and will happily conversate with strangers. While people of the melancholic temperament are likely to see a room full of strangers as terrifying or undesirable, a sanguine person will see it as a great opportunity to make new friends. They are also known to encourage others to come along for their adventures, saying things like “you don’t get what you are missing!”

Sanguine types are sometimes flighty, sometimes leading to unpredictability and distraction.

They are Expressive

Sanguines are talkative people who tend to speak in an energetic, friendly manner. Oftentimes, they are charismatic and can make you feel comfortable within minutes of a first-time conversation.

They are emotional people whose emotions are extreme but often fleeting. While they might be shouting “I hate you” one day, they’re likely to be apologetic just a few hours later and expecting the matter to be water under the bridge. Because they are quick to ‘forgive and forget’ they expect this same attitude from others.

Sanguine people do not have dry or subtle senses or humor. Instead, they have very open senses of humor, and they love to laugh and smile regularly. They might tease others in what they view as a playful way with the expectation that they won’t take it ‘too seriously’.

Sanguines have high self-esteem and can be ‘show-offy’ at times when they’re good at something. Although, they aren’t likely to think of themselves as being above others. They can be extreme in their emotions, sometimes traveling between stages of melodrama and self-hatred. On the other hand, they can be highly relaxed, suggesting others ‘mellow out’ as well.

Sanguine people can be excellent motivators and will enthusiastically and positively encourage others toward a certain action. They view things with a ‘glass half full’ attitude and encourage others to do so as well.

They are naturally physical with others and prefer to express their affection through hugs and the like. Because they prefer to live in the moment, their surroundings may sometimes be disorganized or messy.

They are Attention-Seeking

Sanguines thoroughly enjoy attention. Being in the spotlight, and receiving compliments and praise makes them the happiest and they will go out of their way to get them. They often fulfill various exciting roles ranging from performers to frequent party-goers. They strive to fit in and be popular.

If the sanguine has to choose between making a fool of themselves or putting on a show, they are likely to choose the former. They’ll go to impressive lengths to enliven a party. While they love the attention, they do these things for more than that–they often find them fun as well.

Sanguines require constant entertainment and will complain if they aren’t adequately amused, often at the expense of who they feel is failing to entertain them. They can be dramatic, sometimes making a situation seem worse than it is.

The sanguine’s outward appearance is important to them. They enjoy attention so much that they would rather barge into a conversation than be left out as it makes them extremely uncomfortable.

What is Their Role?

In the distant past, sanguine people likely played a supportive and encouraging role in society. In short, they were the glue that held the group together as one. Today, you may see sanguines in the roles of entertainers or even just energetic people at the party. In the fantasy world, they would be bards or something similar.

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