Million Dollar Concepts that Work for Everyone

Motivation – Mindset – Leadership – Growth – Teamwork – Integrity – Core Competency – Diversity – Change

Now, in this extraordinary new book, Wes Berry offers the keys to his success-and yours! He also delivers Success Factors as a one-day, two-day, or a three-day workshop. He can cover all Success Factors or focus on one or more individual Factors.

No matter where you are in your personal or professional life, Berry’s empowering message with clear-cut steps to success will put you in the driver’s seat to obtaining your goals. With more than four decades of personal insight into leadership and business, this Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author of Big Things Have Small Beginnings leads you to discover your untapped potential and offers powerful ways to develop your strengths.

Learn how to:

  • Motivate yourself and others to not only meet, but exceed your goals
  • Create an unstoppable mindset
  • Become the leader you were meant to be
  • Embrace growth and change, and use it to propel you into the future you desire
  • Enhance teamwork and team building that will strengthen you personal and professional relationships
  • Increase your value as a leader, parent, spouse or employee by living a life of integrity
  • Discover the value of identifying and employing core competencies
  • Change is sometimes scary and unpopular, however properly executed it can also be the best solution
  • It’s always easier to embrace something like diversity or inclusion when benefits are clear

Your workshop will cover a selection these various concepts or all of them,  while addressing your organization’s unique challenges, opportunities for growth, and leadership goals.

Held on location in your own conference rooms or another appropriate facility of your choosing