by Wes Berry


What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

My wife asked me to “let the dog out,” so I answered, “I already put out the trash.”

If you’re looking to build a thriving organization, you need to prioritize communication and teamwork. These are the foundation of all success. Communication skills significantly impact every measure of cooperation. They define how you convey and receive information, interact with others and even tackle issues such as potential conflicts in the workplace. It’s essential to understand how poor communication can destroy the effectiveness of the best teams. So, improving communication skills will enhance team effectiveness.

Format: This program is presented as a workshop, keynote, or executive-type briefing. It is best suited for a live or hybrid event.

Takeaway:  This program is focused on Teamwork, Communications, Motivation, and Customer Relations. Participants will have an increased value of the synergistic qualities of effective teams. Each individual will have actionable items that will enhance the quality of the Communication. This program is always fun for everyone involved.


Big Things Have Small Beginnings

The road to success is paved with flat squirrels that could not make a decision.

The motivation and mindset that Built a $750 Million Business. A telling account of how with a bold and positive outlook, Wes propelled this family’s small, failing, Detroit-based flower shop into an international business operating in 130 countries with over 750 MILLION DOLLARS in sales. He shares what he has learned about attaining success, taken from his international best-selling book Big Things Have Small Beginnings. This presentation is inspirational and motivating, a story of leadership and success. And WOW, your attendees will better understand the motivating power of positive thinking and employ it masterfully. For more information on this Keynote, click on Big Things Have Small Beginnings.

Format: This program is presented as a workshop, keynote, or executive-type briefing. It is best suited for a live or hybrid event.

Takeaway: This program’s concentration is on Leadership, Motivation, and Inspiration; participants will benefit from actionable techniques that will enhance performance in all three of these areas. As with all these programs, everyone will have a laugh or two. An optional copy of the bestseller Big Things Have Small Beginnings by Wes Berry is the perfect complement for this program.


Motivation – Mindset – Leadership – Growth – Teamwork – Integrity – Core Competency – Diversity – Change

Million Dollar Concepts that Work for Everyone. This presentation is the outgrowth of Wes’s well-researched book of the same name and concentrated on nine factors. When fully embraced, they will deliver success to any enterprise or individual.  Attendees are encouraged to perform short a personal evaluation of nine key Success Factors, identifying areas of strength and those needing improvement. During the presentation, these areas are addressed, and WOW reveals life-changing improvement opportunities. Click on Success Factors for a brief glimpse into the content used in these presentations.

Format: This program is presented as a workshop, keynote, or executive-type briefing. and can cover all Success Factors or focus on one or more individual Factors. All formats are suited for a live or hybrid event.

Takeaway:  The outline of this program in its most complete form covers Motivation, Mindset, Leadership, Growth, Teamwork, Integrity, Core Competency, Diversity, and Change. Attendees will also receive actionable steps to enhance those areas in need of strengthening. An optional copy of the bestseller Success Factors by Wes Berry is the perfect complement for this program

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