This Speaking Catalog represents subjects that Wes Berry has spoken and written on extensively and are readily available for keynote speaking and workshop presentations. Humor and audience engagement are core components of all his presentations.

SUCCESS FACTORS – Mindset, Motivation, and Teamwork

A positive mindset is the most valuable asset an individual can possess. You need to win or learn and never worry about failure. You know everything that happens is positive and negative; it is up to you to define how you will use your experiences. This concept is challenging to some, but it will become indisputable through this discussion. Why do we do the things we do? Do you diet for your health, appearance, or a little bit of both? How can I motivate myself as well as others? These questions are more complicated than they sound. The two kinds of motivation are extrinsic vs. intrinsic, and both are equally valid. The most challenging thing about business is dealing with people. Understanding the various personality types is only half the battle. Understanding ourselves is the other half. Teamwork is simple to understand, but it’s often difficult for everyone to play nice, let alone manage. Each personality type has its ways of communicating, and that’s on top of whatever happens in their personal life.

Takeaways: Each participant will receive a short, fun personality test and detailed information about understanding how to relate to other personalities. They will receive actionable items to improve their mindset, motivation, and teamwork skills. The audience will receive three digital books on Mindset, Motivation, and Teamwork from Wes Berry’s “Business Quick Reads Series.”

SUCCESS FACTORS – Communication, Stress, Change, and Growth

Everyone communicates differently; my wife asked me to let the dog out, and I got up and started washing the dishes. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Active, critical, and engagement listening, along with non-verbal communication, Wes will cover it all. Stress doesn’t have to lead to panic. The fight or flight response is a natural reaction to stress, and learning to reframe it as simply part of our survival instinct can change everything. In the words of Bill Phillips, “Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.” The only guarantee in life is that things will change, so we need to be welcoming of the inevitable. Plan for change by positioning yourself and your enterprise for growth. Doing the same old thing never invented anything; I wouldn’t say break all the rules, but sometimes doing the impossible requires bold action.

Takeaways: Each attendee will receive a short, fun stress test along with detailed information about when to seek professional medical assistance for stress. They will receive actionable items on managing communication, stress, change, and growth. The audience will receive three digital books on Communication, Change, and Growth from Wes Berry’s “Business Quick Reads Series.”

SUCCESS FACTORS – Leadership, Integrity, and Core Competency

It takes successful leadership to have a successful organization, and leaders are the ones who are willing to take calculated risks. Managers follow the rules. Authentic leaders are the ones who make things happen that everyone else thought were impossible. Sometimes they even turn a blind eye. An individual, as well as an organization, needs to have integrity; they need to take responsibility for successes as well as shortcomings. People need to feel safe enough to tell the truth, no matter how inconvenient. And they need to move on without malice and be committed to building a better enterprise. Team members all have different core competencies, and it’s essential to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Play to your strengths and support your teammates in developing and being recognized for theirs. Look at what Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs together; were able to accomplish.

Takeaways: Each participant will receive a short, fun personality test and detailed information about understanding how to relate to other personalities. They will receive actionable items on leadership, integrity, and core competency. The audience will receive three digital books on Leadership, Integrity, and Core Competency from Wes Berry’s “Business Quick Reads Series.”

THE INTERVIEW – Mom Always Said I Had a Face for Radio

Although Big Things Have Small Beginnings has long been Wes’s hallmark presentation, The Interview is uniquely engaging and an experience Wes is especially adept at due to his years in radio broadcasting. Wes can create a customized presentation featuring a live on-stage interview of a key individual or award winner within your organization or, if you want to have fun, maybe their significant other. This is a perfect construct for launching a new initiative. Your audience will develop a WOW appreciation for the value of teamwork and the necessity of teambuilding. They will also receive a healthy dose of motivation and a greater appreciation of the importance of synergy. For more information and a sample recording of a similar interview, click on The Interview.

Takeaway:  This program is focused on Teamwork, Teambuilding, and Motivation. Participants will have an increased value of the synergistic qualities of effective teams. Each individual will have actionable items that will enhance the quality of the team. This program is always fun for everyone involved.

BIG THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS – The Motivation and Mindset that Built a $750 Million Business

A telling account of how with a bold and a positive outlook, Wes propelled this family’s small, failing, Detroit-based flower shop into an international business operating in 130 countries with over 750 MILLION DOLLARS in sales. He shares what he has learned about attaining success, taken from his international best-selling book Big Things Have Small Beginnings. This presentation is inspirational and motivating, a story of leadership and success. And WOW, your attendees will better understand the motivating power of positive thinking and employ it masterfully. For more information on this Keynote, click on Big Things Have Small Beginnings.

Takeaway: This program’s concentration is on Leadership, Motivation, and Inspiration; participants will benefit from actionable techniques that will enhance performance in all three of these areas. As with all these programs, everyone will have a laugh or two. An optional copy of the bestseller Big Things Have Small Beginnings by Wes Berry is the perfect complement for this program. 


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