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Detailed (Melancholic)

In Summation…

Melancholic individuals are sensitive, emotional types who prefer to keep to themselves the majority of the time.

Due to their idealistic nature, they like for things to remain as perfect as possible.

They are Perfectionistic

When it boils down to it, the best word to use in the description of a melancholic’s attitude is perfectionism. They are idealists who prefer for things to be a specific way, often feeling distressed and discouraged when they aren’t.

They are known to hold themselves and those around them to impossible standards, feeling disappointed when these unrealistic expectations are not met. In turn, they can become self-deprecating and critical of others.

Inside, melancholic people are at odds over their desire for perfection in an imperfect world, causing them to have a rather stern demeanor.

Melancholic people have a strong desire to learn and understand. This means knowing the details of every little aspect to avoid being ignorant (and imperfect in their eyes). They are rarely content to simply accept things as they are.

Those with this temperament are quite inquisitive and never hesitate to ask questions and gain a greater understanding. They are sometimes overanalytical and can worry themselves to a fault.

Melancholics are stubborn as they prefer to maintain their carefully considered standard of an ideal world, and they don’t easily stray from this planned path. In other words, they aren’t the ones to ‘go with the flow’.

Because of their unrealistic expectations, they tend to see the glass as half empty rather than half full, often expecting the worst. Oftentimes, they think before they speak or act rather than acting out of spontaneity or impulsive behavior. As a result, they will panic when they’re unable to plan ahead of time.

The idealistic personality of the melancholic means that their interests and tastes are carefully curated and that they’re attentive to each one, assigning value and holding them close to their hearts. They do not have fleeting interests that come and go.

When things in their life seem ‘off’, they are quick to speak up with logic, reason, evidence, and explanation. While they don’t argue often, they will argue if it means righting a wrong rather than simply asserting dominance like the choleric. So, the argument is always about the issues – not the ego.

When the melancholic receive compliments or admiration, they are quick to rebuke them arguing instead that they’re not any of those good things after all. So, when receiving a compliment about something like a drawing, they may respond with gratitude but will say maybe something in the sketch is off instead.

Melancholics prefer a tidy, organized environment in which they practice distinct methods of organization. They avoid ‘beating around the bush’ by always getting to the heart of the matter.

They are Introverted

Melancholic people are the most introverted of the four temperaments. They truly enjoy and desire their alone time, feeling most at ease in their own company. While they can enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals, it’s not an everyday occurrence as they need time to recharge their energy.

The tendency to withdraw inwards is due to their desire for perfection. They can be choosy about who they spend time with, ensuring that they are someone that shares their ideas, standards, and outlook. Anyone who doesn’t fit their ideal image is likely to make them uncomfortable as they don’t wish to spend time with everyone. Because they tend to self-deprecate, they often don’t see themselves as very interesting anyway.

The melancholic is apprehensive about friending new people. And unlike sanguine types, they don’t make friends quickly, alternatively making acquaintances earn their spot as a true friend. Once they do, melancholics remain loyal. They prefer a tight-knit circle as opposed to an array of acquaintances.

Since they often choose alone time and privacy over time out with friends, they are sometimes viewed as selfish. They can be very possessive when it comes to sharing their time and belongings with others. They are careful with their belonging and are not quick to let others use them for fear that they won’t offer the same care. This sometimes leads to them being labeled as intense instead of relaxed.

They are Sensitive 

Melancholics are highly emotional individuals who are easily moved both by beauty and tragedy. They are quite easily hurt because of their strong desire to be perfect. At times, their moods are delicate as they are built slowly and deliberately and broken easily.

While they don’t often ‘snap’, they do hold onto feelings for some time. Instead, they respond to unpleasant situations with tears and sadness rather than rage when people fail to meet their standards and cause them harm.

Melancholic people can be moody, however, they are not aggressive and would rather avoid conflict. If, however, they are looking to hurt another, it is more likely to be done through guilt rather than insults.

What is Their Role?

In the past, melancholic people might have been analysts or information gatherers. They were often entrusted to scout for danger, food, and resources, reporting back to the leader. The more accurate their intel, the better, which likely bred their aim for perfection.

Today, melancholics are often employed as analysts, programmers, scientists, and the like.
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