Wes Berry started working at his family’s Detroit-based florist shop when he was a teenager. He quickly demonstrated a strategic style of management that propelled it from a 60 THOUSAND DOLLAR business to a 750 MILLION DOLLAR international business operating in 130 different countries. In 2016, after 40 years in business, he sold it to “retire” and follow other passions.

Through the years, he’s provided consulting services to over forty businesses. He has appeared as a guest on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Entrepreneur and Time magazines, Fox News, Neil Cavuto, Geraldo Rivera, and John Stossel, to name just a few.


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The Metaverse Revolution

Multi Million Dollar Investment Opportunities, Crypto, NFT’s and More

A Futuristic Look at Emerging Technologies 

The Metaverse, or as some call it, the new internet, is the next WOW moment for the digital revolution.  Technology has always played a significant role in creating innovative industries and driving new economies. This keynote presentation derives from Wes’s book The Metaverse Revolution, published in May of 2022.  The Metaverse is the latest revelation in the digital space that tech companies are racing to develop. It is a realm of virtual reality (VR) that will change how we view and live in the physical world. A few volunteers will have an opportunity to experience what the Metaverse will be like via a Meta Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Headset.

The metaverse uses virtual and augmented reality (AR) in its technology. While virtual reality allows the user to interact with the world around them, augmented reality will enable them to see the world as it is with an overlay of visual, audio, and other sensory input. The digital content appears to be in the same space as the user.

Need directions? The Live View in Google Maps will lay directions over the real world and guide you to your destination. Do you want to see how a new sofa will look in your living room? Use the AR technology in Google Search to snag a digital image and impose the object on your space.

The new realm will change content creation methods, virtual economies, and how we present ourselves in the world. Content creators can design worlds to give their subscribers experiences they could not live in the physical world, and communities that form can attend special events together.

The metaverse will be an extension of the real-world economy. Avatars will exchange cryptocurrencies and use them to purchase and invest in products and services. Non-fungible token (NFT) art will be displayed in galleries, and visitors will experience the 3D pieces as the artists intended. For anyone who did not understand the value of NFTs, hopefully, they have a bit more clarity about how they will be used.

Our corporate landscape will look completely different than it does now. The metaverse will significantly impact how people get to work and perform tasks. Just think of the metaverse as Zoom on steroids for company meetings. Your avatar will sit in conferences, seminars, and training sessions, next to coworkers with a natural feeling of presence.

Facebook has big plans for the metaverse’s future, which they have made public with the rebrand. But what exactly are they planning? We will go over the various products and services the company intends to offer and how they will affect your day-to-day living. There is a slew of positive benefits to be gained from the use of such a powerful tool. Users will be able to experience just about any activity they desire, and the world’s citizens will connect in unimaginably creative ways.

Format: This topic is available as a keynote, executive briefing, or a one-day workshop. It is suited for a live or hybrid event

Takeaway: Participants will receive a futuristic look at this emerging technology. They will take away an enhanced understanding of the most critical evolutionary changes society and commerce will experience in five to ten years. This competitive advantage will place them in a position to benefit greatly.  Copies of The Metaverse Revolution by Wes Berry can be provided at a discounted price.

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