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Wes Berry started working at his family’s Detroit-based florist shop when he was a teenager. He quickly demonstrated a strategic style of management that propelled it from a 60 THOUSAND DOLLAR business to a 750 MILLION DOLLAR international business operating in 130 different countries. In 2016, after 40 years in business, he sold it to “retire” and follow other passions.

Through the years, he’s provided consulting services to over forty businesses. He has appeared as a guest on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Entrepreneur and Time magazines, Fox News, Neil Cavuto, Geraldo Rivera, and John Stossel, to name just a few.


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The Interview

Mom Always Said I Had a Face for Radio

Teambuilding and Motivation

Although Big Things Have Small Beginnings has long been Wes’s hallmark presentation, The Interview is uniquely engaging and an experience Wes is especially adept at due to his years in radio broadcasting. Wes can create a customized presentation featuring a live on-stage interview of a key individual or award winner within your organization or, if you want to have fun, maybe their significant other. This is a perfect construct for launching a new initiative. Your audience will develop a WOW appreciation for the value of teamwork and the necessity of teambuilding. They will also receive a healthy dose of motivation and a greater appreciation of the importance of synergy.

Format: This presentation is available as a Keynote or an executive briefing; and makes an excellent live, virtual, or hybrid event.

Takeaway:  This program is focused on Teamwork, Teambuilding, and Motivation. Participants will have an increased value of the synergistic qualities of effective teams. Each individual will have actionable items that will enhance the quality of the team. This program is always fun for everyone involved.

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