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Wes Berry, author and widely acclaimed motivational speaker won the New York Book Festival with his new book Big Things Have Small Beginnings. A book about leadership, with an emphasis on business growth. The author built a remarkable 60 MILLION DOLLAR international company from a small 60 THOUSAND DOLLAR family business and grew sales to over 750 MILLION DOLLARS. He believes that you must accept that winning and losing are both part of the same experience to play a great game.  And, if you are not willing to risk, even to risk losing it all, that winning can be very elusive. This book places a high value on taking personal responsibility. The pros and cons of ambition are examined, as is the importance of identifying responsible individuals. But those… are just the small beginnings.  Now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and booksellers everywhere!

  • Amazon #1 Best Seller & International Best Seller
  • Amazon #1 Hot New Release,
  • Southern California Book Festival, Winner Best Business
  • Barnes & Noble’s Top 5 Best Sellers of All Books Worldwide
  • USA TODAY Bestselling Author
  • Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
  • New York Book Festival, Winner Best Non-Fiction

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